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Stuttgart´s annual events at a glance

Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Important festival for experimental films.
›› 4 days, Wand 5 e.V., Friedrich Str. 23a, Tel. 99 33 980,


CMT - Urlaubsmesse
›› 8 days, Neue Messe

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KKE_eclat_07.02.09_524ECLAT Festival für Neue Musik
In addition to many concert performances, a prize for composition is awarded during the festival.
›› 5 days, Theaterhaus Stuttgart,





Mardi Gras parade through the city center on Shrove Tuesday.
›› 1 day

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Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival
Competition for contemporary choreographers and young dancers.
›› 4 days, Kulturzentrum Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz,

KKE_KunstmuseumStuttgLange Nacht der Museen
More than 90 cultural institutions open their doors from 7 pm to 2 am, including many special events and parties.
›› 1 evening,






Stuttgart_KKE_Porsche-Oldie_Night_img_7145_Porsche Music-Night
Since 1991, classics from rock and pop have ensured an exuberant mood in Stuttgart’s Schleyer Halle.
›› 2 days, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle,

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Colorful spring fair on the Cannstatter Wasen.
›› 3 weeks,

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KKE_LudwigsburgerSchlossfestspieleLudwigsburger Schlossfestspiele
Traditional music festival focusing on classical music; an enchanting ambience in the royal Ludwigsburg castle.
›› May-July, Ludwigsburg & various locations throughout Baden-Württemberg,





Stuttgarter Zeitung-Lauf
Popular sports event in the Neckar­ Park. There’s also a trade fair covering running and a health symposium.
›› 2 days,

Some 5,000 films thrill young and old every year.
›› 6 days,

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KKE_LudwigsburgerSchlossfestspieleLudwigsburger Schlossfestspiele
›› 3 months, Ludwigsburg & various locations in Baden-Württemberg,






Sommerfestival der Kulturen
Intercultural festival with musical highlights from 20 countries.
›› 6 days, Stuttgarter Marktplatz

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Bollywood and beyond
Over 10,000 movie fans every year visit Stuttgart’s unique film festival revolving totally around the Indian subcontinent. Big finale party and many extra events.
›› 5 days, Filmbüro Baden-Württemberg e.V., Friedrichstr. 23a, Tel. 22 10 67,


Don’t miss the festival of lights on the Killesberg hill, with its illuminations, live bands, enchanted forest and of course, grandiose closing fireworks.
›› 1 day, Höhenpark Killesberg,





KKE_Aale-DieterHamburger Fischmarkt
Fish merchants ballyhoo their goods over 10 days, turning Stuttgart’s center into a maritime gourmands’ paradise.
›› 11 days, Mitte, Karlsplatz,





Traditional street festival with many colorful stalls, live music and various performances including dance and theater.
›› 3 days,


KKE_LudwigsburgerSchlossfestspieleLudwigsburger Schlossfestspiele
See May







Renowned jazz festival with several stages and great atmosphere.
›› 10 days, various locations,






Stuttgarter Märchenhafte Festwoche
For a week, the Theater in der Badewanne gives many different companies a stage to bring to life puppets and marionettes, delighting not just children’s fantasies.
›› 1 week,

Schwörtag & Bürgerfest
Largest festival, with performance stage, in Esslingen’s (Altstadt) Old City.
›› 2 days, Esslingen

Stuttgarter Hofkonzerte
Klassische Konzerte unter freiem Himmel im Renaissance-Hof des Alten Schlosses.
›› 2 July weekends, Mitte, courtyard of the Altes Schloss

KKE_CSD-Parade_RegenbogenChristopher Street Day
Gay Pride event where gays and lesbians party and demonstrate in Stuttgart center.
›› 1 day,

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Esslinger Zwiebelfest
During the traditional Ess­linger Zwiebelfest (onion festival), a varied program with shows and Swabian specialties is staged in the Altstadt (Old City).
›› 11 days, Altstadt Esslingen,

Stuttgarter Weindorf
More than 250 delicious wines and Swabian tidbits await epicures from throughout Germany.
›› 12 days, Mitte, Markt- und Schillerplatz,

Wonderfully staged summer festival that provides a colorful potpourri of culinary and musical delights in the Schlossplatz square area.
›› 4 days, Mitte,





Festival staged by the Merlin cultural center at which music lovers of all genres, from rock to classic, can find what they are looking for.
›› 1 month, Mitte,

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KKE_CannstatterWasenCannstatter Volksfest
Europe’s largest funfair has rides such as the Big Wheel and chairoplane as well as a colorful merchants’ market and magnificent musical fireworks.
›› 17 days, Bad Cannstatt, Auf den Wasen,





Stuttgart_KKE_Europisches-Musiksfest_2009091_violine5_foto_holger_schneiderEuropäisches Musikfest
Music festival of the Stuttgart Bach Academy, with many concerts, international soloists and master classes.
›› 3 weeks, Mitte,




KKE__MG_8185Venezianische Messe Ludwigsburg
For 3 days, Ludwigsburg’s Altstadt (Old City) carries you away into the dreamy scenery of a Venetian masked festival with many artistic performances.
›› 3 days,

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Die Stuttgartnacht
70 different cultural institutions in Stuttgart open their gates for one evening, offering a colorful program of events, from theater to literature, music and film.
›› 1 evening, various locations,

Stuttgarter ChanSongFest
Largest festival in Germany for innovative German pop music.
›› 10 days, various locations,

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BunteBuecher_IMG_2376Stuttgarter Buchwochen
Bookworms can browse through and inform themselves about the offerings of more than 350 publishing houses; there are also readings and a children’s program.
›› 3,5 weeks, Mitte, Haus der Wirtschaft,





Lange Kriminacht
From 7 pm until the witching hour, several crime writers read from their killer short stories, ensuring a high level of suspense.
›› 1 evenings, Mitte, Haus der Wirtschaft,

SETT – Stuttgarter Europa Theatertreffen
Theater presentations from throughout Europe are on the program of this international festival.
›› 17 days, Theater Tribüne,

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KKE_WeihnachtsmarktChristmas markets
›› 1 month
›› Mitte, Markt-, Schiller- & Schlossplatz 10 am-9 pm, with wonderland
›› Esslingen, medieval market & Weihnachtsmarkt, 11 am-8.30 pm
›› Waiblingen, historic Christmas market Weihnachtsmarkt with petting zoo, 12 pm-8.30 pm
›› Ludwigsburg, baroque Christmas market, daily children’s program such as marionette theater, puppet show and magic shows

Wintertime ice-skating delights for young and old on Stuttgart’s prettiest square with skate rental, mulled wine stands and lots of flair.
›› Mid November-January 1st, Mitte, Schlossplatz,

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